Motorcycle Injury attorney

Are you looking for a motorcycle injury attorney?  One that has the experience to guide you through the challenging legal system or courts.  If you have been injured in an accident, you most certainly should seek the help of a qualified motorcycle injury lawyer that can provide the expertise during the difficult times you will face.  It will not cost you a dime for an initial consultation, and if the attorney feels you have a strong case, they will generally not charge you anything up front, and they get paid only upon the successful settlement of your case.

motorcycle injury attorney

In today’s world of crazy drivers, large trucks and SUV’s, getting injured from a motorcycle crash is not uncommon.  According to the national highway statistics, there have been over 126,000 fatalities due to motorcycles in the last 40 years.  In fact, motorcyclists are 31 times more likely to die vs. the occupants in an automobile.
Statistics have shown for motorcycle riders that out of every 5 riders, one will have sustained either head or neck injuries.  On top of that, motorcycle accidents involving single vehicles will account for 44 percent of all the motorcycle fatalities in the nation. In 2004, For example, in the year 2004, there were over 4000 motorcyclists that died due to accidents, and 75,000 more were injured due to accidents in our country which accounts for a rise of 8% rise from the prior year.  Of course there are a few things you can do to prevent yourself from suffering serious injury, like wearing a helmet. If you meet with a motorcycle injury attorney and you have done what you can in a preventive sense, that will help your case that much more, as the view from the general public is that motorcyclist are all reckless and that’s why they are in accidents!
Most all of the laws regarding motorcycle helmets have loosened all across the country since 1975, as that’s when the US government stopped the withholding of all of the highway money from those states that did not have the motorcycle helmet laws. Less than half of the states now require the use of helmets for all of the riders.  Wearing a helmet is one thing you can control, and should be done if you are a regular rider.

Another important statistic is that in 2004, almost 19 percent of automobiles that ran into a fixed object had the unfortunate result of a fatality. For motorcycles riders on the other hand, 26 percent were involved in a collision with a fixed object that became a fatality. I think we all know that the automobile driver who is not paying attention represents the greatest danger to us who ride.  It’s a stark truth but, almost 80 percent of these accidents are due to the car, truck or suv driver and not the biker. So please initiate contact with a local motorcycle injury attorney so they can assess your case.

Because of the increased danger that we face each day as motorcyclists, it’s imperative that we are vigilant when riding.  However, when the accident does occur, you must take action immediately and contact a qualified and experienced motorcycle injury attorney close to where you live.  By so doing, you will get the experience and expertise on your side when it really counts when going to court or settling a lawsuit.  Medical and hospital bills are very overwhelming these days and you need not face this alone.

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