How A Solicitor Can Assist With A Bicycle Accident Claim

Cyclists are the most vulnerable of road users and any accident that they are involved in can prove to be very serious. Accidents involving cyclists are most commonly caused by collision with speeding motorcyclists, swerving into a vehicle to avoid a pedestrian, turning lorries and the opening of vehicle doors. Severe injuries can be sustained by the cyclist in these cases and they are thus entitled to pursue an accident claim. What assistance can a solicitor provide in these circumstances?

Injury to person

A decision on the amount of compensation that is due will be reached by taking into consideration injuries received by the victim. By contacting a solicitor you will receive the right advice on how to make a record of your injuries improving the strength of your accident claim.

Medical costs

Medical costs, such as from physiotherapy sessions, are often incurred following a cycling accident. Your solicitor will be able to seek recompense for these bills. Why should you face the expense that recovery can cost when it wasn’t your fault?

Loss of income

Recovery from bike accidents often takes a long time and can lead to the victim being unable to work. In many instances this leads to a loss of income, which again can be recovered by your solicitor when representing your case.

Vehicle repair

As they are lighter and smaller than other vehicles, cycles will usually take a lot of damage in an accident. Solicitors can seek compensation to ensure that your bike is fully repaired or even replaced if required.

Trying to pursue a cycling accident claim without the assistance of a professional is not advised. If you have been a victim of such an incident then contact a solicitor with expertise in this field.

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