Clients And Vouchers

With regard to personal injury lawyers, from big companies they get massive payoffs but their clients only take home discount coupons. In this case, the victims can rely on the help of a Florida judge. This judge actually condemned a New York City law firm considering how they provided cruise ship passengers travel vouchers for future trips with values ranging from $10 to $60 while they requested legal fees amounting to $1.4 million.

There was a class action lawsuit against a cruise ship company that was settled by the law firm for $2.9 million when the company had been caught inflating port docking charges and then forcing the burden onto their passengers. Then the company returned to the courtroom seeking $1.4 million in legal fees. The judge sliced the $1.4 million request to slightly less than $300,000 in a 27 page ruling after which it was ordered to be split among the law firm and the four other firms which were included in the suit. Get more help on the topic of Car accident lawyer melbourne.

For the legal fees of the lawyers, he ordered to have 25 percent of the total paid in the form of the same discount vouchers given to the 80,000 plaintiffs they managed to corral into the lawsuit. It was the lead lawyer of the firm who said that the vouchers would be beneficial to the passengers since most of them were repeat cruise customers. Cash is important to them since they can’t pay their bills with vouchers. Even though personal injury lawyers can gain millions in settlement awards, they get to keep most of this money and what is left for their clients is an amount that can be considered as meaningless. Using common sense in defending consumers against avaricious class action lawyers was the judge and tort reform advocates applauded him for it. As the head of the James Madison Institute, a Tallahassee think tank, said, the vouchers have no value and the travel awards are absurd. For cruises amounting to hundreds of dollars, getting $10 off is not that big of a deal.

You cannot say that all class action lawsuits are bad. The people who deserve some form of compensation are those who are victims of neglect. No longer do class action lawsuits comfort the afflicted because most of the time they are used to make rich people even richer. A class action suit was waged by a group of multimillionaire personal injury lawyers led by a Mississippi attorney against HMOs in one state. While patient care remains unchanged, the personal injury lawyers conceded that this will cause health care costs to go through the roof. To get them to downgrade HMO stocks and force a shareholder sell off, he met with Wall Street financial analysts in October 1999 based from what this Mississippi lawyer said. This was a perfect logic.

Effortlessly, the lawyers can get millions considering how the HMOs will agree to an out of court settlement when stock prices went down. The country will be harmed by lawsuits like these according to a Yale University law professor. Success will lead to the closure of the managed care industry. For top-quality resources on Compensation lawyer make sure to visit them.

The skyrocketing of health care costs to all Americans will happen here. The congressional Republicans and Democrats should pass a meaningful tort reform act because the lawsuit against the HMOs is only the latest in a long line of greed driven class actions. With regard to the retirement funds of lawyers who travel in their own private jets and go fishing on luxury yachts, average working Americans no longer which to contribute to this.

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