Checklist on your motorcycle accident

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, there are a few things you should do as quickly as you can—one is contact a motorcycle injury attorney, but first you or someone must do a few things for you if you are too badly injured.  I know that it’s usually very unsettling to say the least if you’ve been injured, but it’s important to think straight.  This may sound tough to do and indeed will be impossible for some, but someone needs to collect all the possible evidence available for you in the likely event you have a case and need to go to court or settlement.  This will involve collecting evidence, taking pictures and other things like weather conditions and getting witnesses accounts and phone numbers.  


All of these things will be needed if there will be a good solid case and if you expect to be compensated for any type of injury.  I suggest that you use a checklist such as the one below, to keep tabs on the important information necessary for your case and which will be needed for the months ahead…maybe even years if you have a long drawn out case. This information should be then given to your motorcycle injury attorney so that he can determine the most appropriate course of action for your case.  Having this information will be tantamount to winning your case.


1. Make sure you or someone takes photographs of the accident scene…even if it’s with a cell phone camera.
2. Get the license number and name and address, insurance info from the driver of the other vehicle.
3. Keep track of any possible witness to the accident, including all of their contact info including cell phone numbers as sometimes people move or leave a job before you case is called.
4. All hospital bills and prescriptions, doctors office visits, surgeon reports, PT treatment, and such, including all the costs associated with each one.
5. Needless to say, get a copy of the police report, as this will be necessary and your motorcycle injury attorney will need this.
6. Maintain a record of the time you have not been able to work and the wages you’ve missed due to the accident.
7. Create a log of your pain and discomfort you might be having, such a headaches, neck pain, arm or wrist not bending properly, etc.  All of these things are what the motorcycle injury attorney will use when he studies your case.
8. It wouldn’t hurt to go back to the accident scene, no matter how much time has passed and take photographs at the same hour of the day that the accident occurred, and from all angles.  This might be just what the motorcycle injury attorney needs.
9. Do not forget the damages to you bike!  Document the cost estimates for repair or take it to a shop for a written estimate, or if it was totaled, get the value of the bike prior to the accident.


Lastly, make sure your motorcycle injury attorney has all of your documentation and that you make a point not to converse with the other party or their insurance company yourself; leave that up to your lawyer.

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