Motorcycle Injury Attorney

If you have ever been involved in a motorcycle accident you should seriously consider contacting a motorcycle injury attorney.  Even if it’s been some time, it’s important to discuss your particular situation or involvement with a lawyer, as most of us non-lawyers don’t know or understand what legal rights we may or may not have when dealing with some type of accident or injury.

A good attorney is going to provide you with a no obligation consultation either over the phone or in person to assess your situation and discuss the injury or accident.  Here are just a few of the possible types of damages that the attorney will look for:

  • medical expenses
  • pain or suffering
  • lost or missed wages
  • property damages
  • rehabilitation expenses
  • loss of property

If you were recently in an accident or if it occurred a while ago, you should still call as soon as possible.  Most legitimate lawyers should provide you with some type of information regarding what type of case you might have, but they need to hear from you and hear the details of the accident or injury first, so they can give you an idea of whether you have a case or not. It’s best that you call and discuss your particular case right away, as you do not want to give up any of your rights that you may be entitled to from your accident, as sometimes there could be a statute of limitations that won’t allow you to file a case if too much time has passed.

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Don’t even consider using a general practice lawyer or even an automobile accident attorney as they don’t understand the differences involved in a motorcycle accident.  In fact this could be a huge mistake.  For example, skid marks are a common thing looked at and used in court with auto accidents, however a motorcycle usually won’t have skid marks and thus a general practice lawyer won’t know how to interpret the slide and might miss crucial items that may end up loosing the case for you.

Do yourself and your family a big favor and call a motorcycle injury lawyer. If you suffered any injuries from the accident you should call immediately.  You may have been in an accident due to road conditions such as ice, a collision with a drunk driver, an aggressive driver, or traffic that failed to use proper signaling or follow traffic laws.  You could be entitled to certain rights from your accident so it is very important that you call a motorcycle crash lawyer to discuss possible plans of action.

Motorcycle accident settlements vary widely anywhere from $5,000 to 6 million dollars depending upon the situation. There was a case in California where a motorcyclist received 6.5 million dollars from the injury he sustained due to a roadway defect. In another case a motorcyclist received 1.75 million in his motorcycle accident settlement due to improper upkeep of grass and trees near a stop sign. There are many instances where you may be entitled to more than you think you are. It is important that you call a motorcycle injury attorney as soon as you can after the accident so you can receive the maximum amount of money you deserve.

Most accidents occur closest to your home, even within 5 miles, so it is important that when driving close to home you are especially careful. Helmets always increase the chance of survival of the motorcycle rider no matter what kind of collision occurs. Not all states have laws requiring helmets to be worn but they always increase the odds of survival in an accident. If you’re wearing the proper safety gear, and end up in an accident, you will appear to a jury that you are a safety conscious rider and this will definitely help your case. You do not want to appear as a careless motorcyclist.

A motorcycle injury attorney will assess your particular case and can help you get the most for your case. The sooner you call a motorcycle accident lawyer, the sooner you can begin to receive a settlement for your accident. This website is compiling a list of experienced motorcycle lawyers that you can contact form New York to California that can assist you in your case.  Don’t hesitate to call one even if you think you might not have a case, as lawyers know the law and will provide you with the best information regarding your accident or injury.  Most attorneys will work on a contingency basis which means that it cost you nothing to hire the attorney, and you will only receive money if the lawyer is successful in the case.  Remember too that not all cases go to trial…many are simply settled out of court prior to the actual trial date.

Don’t delay in calling as you might be entitled to a settlement that could provide to pay your medical and rehabilitation bills, and to provide a lump sum in damages as well!

Here is a 2 minute video from a motorcycle accident lawyer who explains some key points about a motorcycle claim:

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